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Partial Match Domain Names Don’t Give A Rankings Boost

Search Advocate John Mueller was asked if TLDs matter in regards to ranking in the search engines, we got his answer and more questions as well.

John Mueller Says Update the Dates On Your Content

Is changing the date enough for pages in markets where freshness is important? Or do you need to completely rewrite content?

Google: Internal Link Placement Doesn’t Matter But Is Measured Differently

Google's John Mueller was asked if the placement of internal links on a side mattered from location to location, answers are contradictory from other statements.

Google Business Profiles Showing Service Areas

Google Business Profiles show the areas served even if the business has a location set with their address, but does that feature help you rank in all of those areas?

Google: Deep Subfolders In URLs Doesn’t Matter For SEO

Google's John Mueller stated on Twitter that deep subfolders in URLs do not matter for SEO, however, testing shows that is not always the case for some websites.

Google: 302’s Don’t Work In Reverse

Google's John Mueller explains that 302 redirects don't work in reverse and won't transfer link power from the redirect target back to the original URL.