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Google: PDF File Content Is Not Indexed

Google's John Mueller dropped a proverbial dime on how the search engine deals with PDF files and the content in them. Actually, he didn't, but some might claim he did so let's get ahead of it.

Will Adding Fluff to Boost Word Count Hurt Your Google Rankings?

Word count has been a common target for SEO teams to measure competition levels and match, however, is adding that fluff actually hurting your rankings?

Google Tightens Standards For Google Business Profile Maps

New Google Business Profile map users are now limited to what they can do with maps for a period of 7 days after creating or taking over a GBP map.

Google Bringing Core Web Vitals to Desktop

Google is bringing the page experience update to their desktop search results, but does Core Web Vitals even matter for the purposes of rankings? We tested it and here are the results of our core web vitals ranking factor analysis.

Google: Links Have To Be On Indexed Pages To Be Counted

Google's John Mueller was asked if links on pages that were deindexed counted for ranking consideration of a page, we have his answer and proof he's wrong.

Are Nofollow Links A Google Ranking Factor?

As one of the more controversial topics in the industry, are nofollow links a Google ranking factor, there is no shortage of opinions on the topic, but not much published testing.